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Welcome to, a guide to kegel balls and how to use them.  You may wonder what are kegel balls?  Kegal balls are a vaginal exerciser, also called a kegel exerciser.  The word kegel usually refers to a method of exercising the love muscles, but it was named after a gynecologist Arnold Kegel, M.D. who invented the exercises.  A person does these exercises for a number of reasons such as to improve orgasms or to improve bladder control. 

In his treatments with patients that had weak pelvic muscles, he wanted a better way treat the condition without surgery.  Women who weakened their PC muscles (pubococcygeal muscles), could have trouble holding their bladder when laughing, sneezing, or coughing.  Dr. Kegel found that with repetitive contractions, the PC muscle group got stronger and were able to function better holding urine. As a side effect from his treatments, the women who performed the kegel exercises found out they had better orgasms. 

Kegel exercisers are nothing new.  They have been around for hundreds of years.  The Chinese used small metal balls and jade eggs as a way to exercise their kegel muscles.  Since then, many companies have designed new kinds of kegel exercises, and a popular one are kegel balls.  Kegal balls, go by different names including Ben Wa Balls, Duotone Balls, Smart Balls, and Pleasure Balls.  You will find that kegel balls can be made from metal, plastic, stone, and silicone.  Plastic is light weight but can be made heavier with weights inside the balls.  Metal balls are hollow balls and may also contain ball bearings inside for added weight.  Silicone and rubber balls are softer and can be squeezed for added resistance. By inserting the kegal balls into the vagina, you have to contract the PC muscles to hold them in.  The movement of the body also rotates the balls around causing stimulation for some women. 

If you are using kegel balls as a way to strengthen the PC muscles, then the exercises should be performed daily.  You can use the balls for hours as you do work and perform your daily schedule.  Just keep in mind to try to do about 300 contractions a day.  The contraction should be using the same muscles as if you were holding urine in.  As you get used to doing the exercises, it will become natural and you won't have to think about it as much.

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